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Terry Taylor

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The VonErich's

The VonErich family has to be the greatest dynasty ever in the history of professional wrestling. They Were Texas Wrestling in the 80's. The tradgedys that have fallen on this family are astronomical. We got World Class Championship Wrestling out of Texas every Saturday at 10 am. I'd get my fill of the VonErich's then flip the channel to catch MidSouth in its first airing of the weekend at 11 a.m.

To Learn More about this wonderful Wrestling family. Visit The VonErich's and be prepared to shed a tear.

Kerry Had to be my favorite of the Brother's VonErich. Rest In Peace Kerry. I miss you

Kerry on the Mat
Kerry In Action!

Kerry VonErich

Just after his Accident
Just after the Accident that Cost him his foot, and ultimately his life.

What a Beautiful Man


Kerry in Action

Rest In Peace

Again after the accident that cost him his foot



Kerry,, with Ric Flair down
Kerry with Ric Flair down. After his Brothers Death. Kerry Took the World Title from Flair in the First Annual David VonErich parade of Champions


I love this Shot

Kerry, with Steve Simpson maybe,,, I cant remember his name

Kerry with Magnum TA
Kerry with another of my all time favorites Magnum TA

Kerry and Kevin VonErich
Kevin and Kerry VonErich