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RockNRoll Express Page 2

The Rock and Roll Express
Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson

The Rock and Roll Express were an awesome, explosive team. Ricky and Robert worked so well together. The first time I ever saw a Double Drop Kick was from these guys. They went on from Mid South to win the World Tag Straps. They were a team and an awesome one at that. Their feuds with the Midnight Express were legendary. And the stuff with Jim Cornette, priceless.. Thats why I was terribly surprised to find them on WWF TV with Jim in their corner as manager. Then I saw Cornette turn on them to form the New Midnight Express. So here,, enjoy these shots of Ricky and Robert!

Robert Gibson

Robert Gibson with one of the Sheephearders
Robert Gibson, in the ring with one of the Sheephearders/Bushwackers

Robert playing around

Ricky at work
Ricky at work.

Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson.

Ricky and Robert
Getting ready to get to work

Robert and Ricky
One of the Few shots of legs ;o).

Ricky and Robert

What a Bike :o)

The Pin

Ricky and Robert

With the Belts

Robert Gibsons Autograph
Robert Gibson

Ricky Morton's Autograph