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Magnum T.A.

I guess I always had a special place in my heart for Terry Allen. We shared the same initials. For those of you who never had the opportunity to see the man in the ring live and in person, there is no way to describe what you missed. Magnum was phenomenal. And his career was just headed to the sky when he wrapped his car around a telephone pole in 1986. He never got into the ring again. He has been seen again lately around the wrestling world. Most recently at the 12/17 Thunder in Charlotte North Carolina. I for one would be very happy to see TA floating around again. I miss him like crazy!

Magnum T.A.
Looking intense

I love that Smile

Terry with a mystery partner
I cant for the life of me remember who this guy is with TA. Anyone knows.. let me know!

Against King Kong Bundy
This was back when the Great American Bash was the entire summer long. They toured all over the south during the end of June until early August

Early in his Career
This is a fuzzy one.

Looking at a pin up of himself
What a Cutie Pie

Magnum T.A.

Magnum TA in action against Nikita Kolloff Magnum T.A. with Nikita Kolloff. They had one heck of a feud going on until Nikita turned on his "uncle" Ivan and teamed up with TA. Goldberg reminds me alot of Nikita. All intensity and power. I wonder where Nikita is now