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The VonErich's

As you can tell, I was a huge Kerry VonErich Fan, When news of his suicide reached my ears, I literally cried for three days straight. The Suicides of Mike and Chris, and Davids early death due to illness tore apart the greatest wrestling legacy ever. Kevin, the oldest of the Brothers is still alive and living in the Dallas area, however, Kevin no longer wrestles. I often wonder, what if they were still around today. I miss you guys!

To Learn More about this wonderful Wrestling family. Visit The VonErich's and be prepared to shed a tear.

Lance VonErich
Lance VonErich was a long lost "cousin" who came in around the time of Kerry's injury

Lance VonErich

Mike, Kevin and Kerry, Six Man Tag Champs
The Six Man Tag event was a VonErich Specialty. The Belts were Created with them in mind. The VonErichs in any combination were fantastic.

Mike VonErich, Lance VonErich, Steve Simpson, Kerry VonErich, Kevin VonErich
Mike VonErich was still coping with the residual effects of Toxic Shock Syndrome, and Kevin had injured his shoulder. Kerry, Lance and Steve Simpson Took the World Six Man Tag Straps.