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Terry Taylor

Magnum TA

The VonErichs

Ted Dibiase & Dr. Death Steve Williams

The Rock and Roll Express

Various Others

Magnum Page 1

Magnum Page 3

Magnum T.A.

Magnum T.A and Nikita Kolloff.
Again in action against Nikita Kolloff


Magnum in the Ring

Magnum T.A.

Magnum TA

Magnum,,, yeah thats Flair
This is Terry,, beating on Ric Flair. TA was headed for a Title Run before his accident

Magnum with the US Strap


Magnum,, with his Mom. And he's got Taste
TA giving his Mom a kiss. Yeah,,that hat says David Allen Coe

TA's Car after the accident

This is what Terry Allen Survived. We're all damn lucky he's still here with us

January 15, 1984
I had the opportunity to meet TA on Jan 15, 1984. What a man!