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The Rock and Roll Express

As you know if you've visited the other areas of this site, I was madly in lust with one Terry Taylor when I was a teenager. My friend Wanda, on the other hand had her heart (and bedroom walls) devoted to Robert Gibson of the Rock and Roll Express. Here are a few glimpses from her picture collection, with Wanda's Comments in yellow, added in for good measure!

Ricky Morton, with the Mid South Tag Team Championship Belt. Actually, this proves that He could walk and chew gum at the same time. :o) Who would have guessed? (She really didnt want me to quote that part, but, what are friends for. Ricky was our Buddy Cyndi's man.)

Ricky, always having a good time with the fans. Hamming it up for those out side the ring.

Robert Gibson, the Love of my teenage years. It just broke my heart when he left Mid-South. (Ricky and Robert left Mid South Shortly before Terry Taylor did. And honey we were some pretty miserable girls when that happened)

Robert Gibson Looking Serious about his work. He was just as cute serious as he was smiling.

Robert, all sweaty. What I would have given back then for him to have sweat all over me :o) (he did remember girlfriend!! The shirt smelled like him.. what is it with wrestlers and cologne,, they seem to bathe in the stuff)

I can hear his mind running now. Lord help me, that crazy girl in the front row may just faint over me.

What a profile

Robert looking ever so sexy in his tag team belt and spandex

This shot isnt the greatest,, but you have to remember at this time, I had every single inch of Robert Gibson Memorized

Oh what that man could do for shiny spandex pants!

Just to look into his smiling face made my heart skip a beat.

I wanna Rock and Roll all Night. Of course any Night with Robert would have been just fine with me.

Ricky with a neck injury from the many battles with the Midnight Express

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