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Doctor Death, and Magnum TA tie it up. Thats Carl Fergie the Ref in the background.

Doctor Death and Ted Dibiase signing autographs for the fans. Back then they would stay out by the dressing rooms for long periods of time and sign autographs. This was the night that I told Ted DiBiase that my mom just loved him. Something she has yet to forgive me for :o)

Hacksaw Duggan, getting ready to take care of business!!

Crocodile Bill Dundee,, talking on the telephone outside the dressing room

I know this is a dark shot, but it is one of the few photographs we have of Michael P.S. (purely sexy) Hayes of Freebird fame. Now Dox Hendrix of the WWF

Purely Sexy.. maybe not.. but fun as hell to watch!

Dark Journey Tears it into Missy Hyatt CATFIGHT! I loved these guys. I so much wanted to be a valet when I grew up it wasnt funny!

Dark Journey,, getting ready to attack

The OTHER Nature Boy. Buddy Landell! Check out the chick with the hair to his left.. Remember guys,, this was the 80's.. she looks like she got stuck in a 60's time warp!

Buddy Landell in the Ring,, against Brickhouse Brown. (Thanks Susan for labeling this one.. I hadnt a clue who his opponent was!

The Missing Link. Anyone remember him? He blew green smoke out of his mouth and was the picture of insanity. Thats Journey with him.

Magnum :o) I could go on and on about Terry Allen for AGES. I truly adore this man!

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