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Back in the early 80's this good looking blonde guy came to our little neck of the woods,, and DARN was I ever glad he did. He is awesome. A talented guy. Great on the mic. I still think that Terry Taylor was the most underrated professional wrestler ever in the business. (OK,, OK,, we wont even mention the RED ROOSTER thing I have chosen to forget about that unfortunate incident. I still hold a grudge against Vinnie Mac for that one!) I enjoyed every aspect of his time in the ring, and am now enjoying the work he is doing booking for WCW.. One Plea Please.. Get YOURSELF back in front of the camera!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! Or get an official website,, somewhere where we can go and visit.

This picture was taken around the fall of 85. Terry Taylor and Yours truly. Going to matches then in our local arena was nothing like it is now. Security now is so tight, you cant get close to them. Not only could you get close to the wrestlers at a live event then,, but opportunities like this happened. To meet them and talk to them.

Taken the same night.. This is one of my favorites..I like that sly grin

Hmmm wonder what he was upset about :o)

Hey guys let you in on a little secret.. Wanna know one of the Many reasons we watch wrestling????? Here's one!

These pics were sent to me by a friend a LONG time ago. Boy was I ever happy to get em :o)

Ok One More!