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Terry in action. If you look carefully,, that guy in blue tights is the Late Hotstuff Eddie Gilbert

Terry Taylor, with Gentleman Chris Adams.. This is right before his first big heel turn in Mid South/UWF You can catch a shot of Hotstuff in this pic too.

Battle Royal. Terry and Ted were feuding over the North American belt. Thats them in the middle screaming at each other. (this is another one of those REASON shots :o) ) I remember this match, Robert Gibson almost knocked me over when he came flying out of the ring. Wish I could get that close to the ring these days.

I cant remember how he was supposed to have hurt his neck, but I do remember he wrestled with this neckbrace for quite a while.

Same battle royal as earlier thats Terry and Teddy. I cant remember if he went over or not :o)

What can I say,, shirt and Tie,, and his glasses,, YUMMMMMY This is MY favorite TT Pic! and I took it all by myself LOL

See what happens if you yell "HEY TERRY LOOK HERE" Thats Ted Dibiase, if you didn't know :o)

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