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This is a great shot of Terry holding the UWF Television Title Belt. This was one of those 8x10 publicity shots that they sold at the arenas

Holding the UWF Tag Team Belts. He held with Gentleman Chris Adams

In action against the Angel of Death with Bam Bam Terry Gordy in the background


A big knee drop is coming for Buddy Landell in the prelims of the PWI/UWF Challenge Tourney

This shot is one of a four image poster given by the UWF at a Fan appreciation event. Other shots on this poster were, Duggan, DiBiase and Doctor Death, and The Fantastics, Tommy Rodgers and Bobby Fulton

MMMMM, all hot and sweaty

Back in his Face days!

God that man is hot.

Want the Shower picture?? Sure you do. On to Terry Page 3.

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