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Tish then...........

Who is Tish? Well I'm a few different folks,,, I'm a 287 year old Registered Nurse for starters.. I work in a very small community hospital on a Medical Surgical Unit.  I have done Home Health Nursing and most of my training has been in Pediatrics. I love kids,, love working with them.  I'm also a wife,, I've been married for almost 10 yrs now.. (do the math,,, yes I was 18,, no I wasn't pregnant or forced) to a wonderful man,, who happens to be a computer genus... And together we're parents of a very adorable,, but very active four year old. Who at this moment is walking around the house pretending to be Chris Benoit, or Sting, or Vampiro.. it changes almost daily.

Why Wrestling? I don't know,, it's something that's hard to explain to those who don't get it. I went to my first live card when I was 12 years old. And although I loved it before then,,,, after I had a taste of it in person,, there was no stopping me. I was hooked. From then on,, I was there whenever possible. Mid South held live events here every other week. My two best friends and I would bribe, beg, plead and do whatever necessary to convince our ever so wonderfully sweet mothers to take us to wrestling! And take us they did. (one of them used to bring a book LOL) They would not complain, buy rafter tickets let us three girls run around ringside, and meet us half an hour after the matches at the car. ( I would not condone the same actions now.. This is a whole different ball game these days. )

Yes,,, I am well aware of the fact that professional wrestling is predetermined. I'm not going to say its fake,, because those guys are out there every night,, risking injury performing fantastic falls and high flying moves just to entertain me. But yes,, its a well scripted soap opera. And one of the best there ever has been. Wrestling is, to me, wonderful stories, great entertainers, terrific athletes.. and these guys WORK believe me.. I wouldn't want to do what they do day in and day out.

Wrestling is something you either love or hate. Very few people feel ambivilent about it. And people who love it,, hate nothing more that to be forced to justify that enjoyment to people who just don't get it! One of the common analogies I use for people who constantly berate my leisure activity is one that I find particularly effective. When greeted with the typical. "I cant believe you watch that crap" I generally reply,, So did you watch (fill in particular show here) last night?? Yes,,,well I cant believe you watch that,, you know its Fake don't you???? It tends to work quite well. ;o)

I have a lot of favorites... all for one reason or another. My all time favorite ever is Terry Taylor, who is now a booker for World Championship Wrestling. He stole my heart a long time ago.. and I'd love to see him get back in the ring again,, or for that matter even behind the announce booth. He is one of the single most talented wrestlers there ever was.. His Red Rooster Gimmick aside, and I still haven't forgiven Vinnie Mac for that. So the biggest part of the wrestling side of my heart belongs to him.

You'll also find,, if you talk to me for any time, that the guys I most adore.. with the exception of Chris Benoit,,, who holds a nice huge chunk of that heart too.., are guys that have been around for a while. Ted DiBiase,, who is an exceptional man, and my hero. Sting,, whom I first was introduced to when he was one of the Blade Runners teaming with the man who is now Warrior. Lex Luger... I remember his first turn as a Horsemen,, and have been drooling over those perfect pecs since 1985. Ric Flair,, and Arn Anderson,, who are what dedication and love for the sport are all about. Then there are the "new guys" or should I say,, those who have come on in the last decade or so. Christ Benoit (man that guy just drives me nuts.), who is just about as close to a perfect technical wrestler as you can get.. not to mention,, he's drop dead georgeous. Dean Malenko.. who just amazes me with his technical skills.

I'm glad you came to visit,, pull up your chair,, and stay awhile..and come back and visit frequently. Sign the guestbook,, just have a good time reminissing about the past, or visiting the present  :o)

.....and now