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Here are some images from our Trip to New Orleans for NITRO!!! Hope you enjoy.  No these aren't in order of the matches,,because, I cant remember the order the matches happened in.   Click on the thumbnail to view the larger photo.  Some of them are kind of grainy but they're pretty good.

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Buffer's out to announce the main event

Flair struts his stuff when Dean comes out to help Buff in the handicapped Tag match

Eddie Guerrero makes his return to in ring action

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Eddie and Juvi

Juvi Welcomes Eddie Back

Piper and Buff go at it in the ring while Flair stands outside

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Flair and his entourage

Juvi greets the crowd

Who's better than Kanyon?

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Hey K-Dogg,, dont stick your butt up in the air, you never know who's aiming at ya


Konnan and Rey Rey

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Kevin Makes his brief in ring appearance

Kevin again


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Konnan and Rey with the No Limit group

Lex comes in for the save at the end, but doesnt stick around long to talk to the crowd even after Sting calls him a chicken

Lodi's back, and it looks as if he has a new friend

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Master P.. and I promise he was MORE annoying in person, you couldnt hit the mute button then

And there they are.  The Nitro Girls

The Nitro Girls getting out of the ring. I'll give you three guesses who had the camera

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The Nitro Girls

And guess who again?  OF course,, those FABULOUS NITRO GIRLS :o)

Diamond Dallas Page

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DDP once again

This one is for my sister Laura.  Rey Mysterio Jr. with Bam Bam Bigelow

And again, Rey Rey.  Oh,, and just a comment for you future nitro attendees.  PUT THE SIGNS DOWN OCCASIONALLY!!!!  We got that you were the "real big sexy" Those of us behind you cant see CRAP

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Another of Rey... oh,, the Beer?  The vendor happened to be walking by,, but at 4 bucks a pop  I don't think so!

Sid comes out to make a statement

Big Sid Vicious Makes his presence known

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Yes,, this is VICIOUS

Sid kicks some butt

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More Sid Rump



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We've seen Sid,, now it's time for the Stinger

Getting ready for the Main Event

Sting and Lex run off Team Savage

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Up on the Ropes

Nash Confronts Sting

Was he the Hummer Driver?

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Sting and Sid Tie it up

Psyche recognized me from my Sign.   It was great meeting you

What are the odds of that happening again??? Among a crowd of thousands Two Locostuff regulars are sitting that near each other :o)

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All images 1999 Ladies Love Wrestling Too!

Steal my stuff and I get REALLY Angry, so Let's not go there!!