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Being there LIVE

July 30, 1998

You know they always say that there is nothing like being there, and being there Live was great! Just driving up to the arena brought back tons of memories! As we were standing outside waiting for the doors to open, my palms started sweating and my pulse started racing. Ok,, so that might have had something to do with the 107 degree temperature we were out in at 6 pm. While we were standing there we did see Raven drive up. So that was the first spotting of the evening.

We finally maneuvered our way into the building. There were alot of kids there. Kids that weren't even around yet when professional wrestling was a bi-weekly event that I attended. I did spot one familiar face though. More on that later! We made our way to the seats. I was thrilled. Our sixth row aisle seats were great. We were sitting closer to the ring than we were allowed to get to take pictures at the Nitro we went to back in January. I went to the back of the arena to watch the guys come in while Hubby dear went and bought Goldberg shirts. We saw Saturn come in, Hacksaw, Scott Hall. Big Sexy peeked his head out from the dressing rooms. I could tell that this was gonna be a good one.

The first match of the night was Brad Armstrong, v. Ernie "The Cat" Miller. Folks I've loved BA for a long time. I always thought that he had the ability to go somewhere big. He just didnt have the right breaks. There were fewer "old timers" in the arena than I thought however, cause I think I was the only one there cheering for BA. Oh well they gave me some funny looks but I yelled for him anyway. It was a pretty good match. He plays heel well and he put on an entertaining match. Not to mention the fact that he looks even better now than he did 13 years ago. The Cat won however.

I really cant tell you who wrestled in Match Number two. I know Silver King was on one of the Tag teams. His partner, I think was Super Calo but the sound system in the Coliseum really stunk so It was hard to tell what Dave Penzer was saying. They were teamed against two Lucha's who looked like they were dressed for Halloween. I didnt get the names of either, nor do I think I have ever seen them before. If I did I'm forgeting who they were. All in all this was a pretty good match as the Cruisers put on a good show most of the time. Alot of High flying stuff. Silver King and his partner won

Gentleman Chris Adams was match number three, against Fit Finley. Well You all know how I feel about Finley. That freak of nature TV title run he got just proved to overlook my Chris Benoit even more. So the Devil will be wearin Ice skates before this girl cheers for Finley. Besides, Chris, and my beloved Terry Taylor used to be Tag Team partners so cheering for Chris was a given. Of course my cheering did little to help Chris win, but it sure was fun. These guys put on a good show folks, You would have enjoyed it.

Match number four of the night, was just as well recieved and the crowd went just as nuts as they did for the main events of the evening. Out comes Barry Darsow first. Then the crowd heard it. I'm talkin about the music that brings out old Hacksaw! The crowd just exploded. Me included! Jim came running to the ring,, waving the stars and stripes and carrying his 2x4. He was loving every second of it. He was HOME! He was grinning from ear to ear. Walked completely around the ring shaking everyone's hands. And just enjoying himself. If there is ever one man in the sport who truly and completely LOVES what he does it is Jim Duggan. I was standing at the barricades for his entrance and you could just see it on the grin! Jim worked the crowd. The chants of USA were louder than any GOLDBERG chant that was started during the night. He played to the fans and the fans played back. It's hard to describe the way that felt but it sure was fun. Like a rollercoaster ride and I sure didnt want to get off. Jim won of course and spent 10 more minutes in the ring waving and chanting with the fans.

At this point Dave Penzer said that there was a member of NWO-H that had something to say. Out came Scott Hall. I have to tell you folks right now, I was totally and completely surprised at the big names that were at our little arena. No,, there was no Hogan (which IMHO was not a big dissapointment) but we had, Hall, Big Sexy, Bret Hart, Sexy Lexy. Not to mention Malenko, Jericho and those guys. I was Impressed. Ok WCW PTB, does this tell you we can at least sell out a THUNDER PLEASE!!!!!!!!! Anyway, like I said earlier, the sound system was crappy, but from what I could understand from my position right on top of the barricades :o),, He called out Nash Said he was going to kick his butt in not so nice terms.

After intermission was the Raven v. Saturn Match. You guys know I dont care too much for Raven. And I do like the look of Saturn in his new ring attire.. (all peircings removed of course) So my cheers went to Saturn. Something threw me though,, When Raven came out, he grabbed the mic and of course with the sucky sound system I couldnt tell what he was saying, but the guys embraced and it looked like for oh,, about two seconds that there wasnt gonna be a match, until Saturn pulmelled Raven and the match began. It was kinda hard to follow the match though cause they took it all over the arena. Its much easier on those matches when you have the TV camera following em. Saturn got the pin after the Death Valley Driver

Next came out the Crybaby. And once again,, since the sound system was SOOO bad I'm could just get the intent of his message not the whole thing. He insulted the Town, mispronounced the name. Then made sure that we knew that this was a NON title match since after Monday night, there would be no more Malenko/Jericho matches. Then out comes Deano. He proceedes to tell Jericho that the crowd could care less that it was a Non title match, cause they were only here to see Malenko kick Jericho's BUTT! (well the words he used werent quite that nice :o) ) This was a pretty good match. You know how much I love those cruisers. They work a match like non other. Great technical stuff Pretty good High Flying stuff. There was this one girl front row ringside with a sign that said, Chris Jericho,,, I could Kick your A__! I loved it. I wanted him to at least acknowledge her sign but he didn't. Chris spent the afternoon here in town signing autographs at the Sam Goody in the mall. Well Deno proceeded to kick his hiney, and won it with the Cloverleaf.

The first of our two main events was next. Now.. folks.. this was a HUGE surprise for little old me. You see this was promoted and advertised as Lex v. HennigRude. With the card subject to change.. Well folks,, CHANGE it did, cause when the NWO-H music started and out came BRET HART I was 10 kinds of stunned. I wonder what happened to his cushy deal where he didn't have to work little house shows like ours. Guys,, this isnt a big city. But we sure got a Big City show! Hart skulks around the ring for a while. He does grab the mic for a bit, but I am not really sure what was said. All I know is that I heard the howl of the WOLFPAC music and I started screaming!!!!!!!!! Out came the SEXY LEXY! Walkin around the ring shaking hands, doing the Wolfpac hand thing. And just in general sending me into drools of delight!! I got thisclose to the man. He worked the ring for a while. Took off his shirt and threw it to the guy standing four people away from me. I tried though LOL. This was a great match guys, they traded licks for a good long while. I think this match lasted for about 20 minutes. Finally Lex got the advantage and got Hart up into the Rack and out came running Scott Hall, and wrapped his shirt around Lex's neck and broke the Rack. I think that caused a disqualification, everything happened so quickly cause no sooner had Hall run in then BIG SEXY was right behind him. He took Hall out.

This quickly caused the Main Event to change from Hall v Nash to Hall/Hart v. Nash/Luger. Which they proceeded to work for another 20 or so minutes. Guys this ME was awesome. Everything you would expect from a quality match. It was better than some of the Nitro Main Events we've been blessed with lately. At one point the NWO-H guys had Nash falling out of the ring. Then they fought back. Lex had Hart in the Rack AGAIN and Big Sexy held Nash up and Powerbombed the daylights out of him. And covered him for the pin. Along with the Infamous Crotch chop! Big Sexy and Lex head back to the dressing room to the screams and delight of all gathered there.

You guys,, I really don't think I have had that much fun in ages. WCW impressed me beyond words with the card they gave us. And I'm hopin our little town impressed them enough to decide to come visit a little more often. This is the first House show in a very long time for our town and I'm hoping it wont be the last. I think we proved to the PTB that this place knows how to support professional wrestling!

As we were leaving the coliseum, my husband and I ran into a very familiar face to me,, and to wrestling fans here in town. When I was attending MidSouth/UWF cards here on a regular basis, this mentally handicapped gentleman from my very small community also attended. JR ate, slept and breathed professional wrestling, and was very very VOCAL about it! HE even thought himself a professional wrestler a time or two. And every time wrestling was anywhere in this state JR was there, front row ringside. Somehow, I knew he would be there. So as I gave him a big hug and laughed with him about all that had happened, I thought about how much things were different now from how they were when I was 15, but then again, things really arent that different are they. The names may change, the settings may change. They may all be huge stars drawing huge salaries now, but some things never change. There are still guys out there who go out every single night and put on a show and never fail to bring a smile to my face, and you know what,, I hope I never outgrow it!


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